update:July 2, 2020


Information About Schools

(Updated 2:00 p.m. 2 July)

Minoh City Public Elementary and Junior High Schools

School Reopening

Normal school schedules have resumed from Monday 15 June.

Extension of 1st School Term

The closing ceremony for the 1st school term will be held on Thursday 6 August. It will be held online.

From Monday 3 August to Thursday 6 August, all classes will be held online.

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation will be from Friday 7 August to Friday 21 August.

From Tuesday 18 August to Friday 21 August, supplementary lessons will be held online. (Optional participation)

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony for the 2nd school term will be held on Monday 24 August.

School Lunch

School lunch is being provided as normal from Monday 22 June to Friday 31 July.

School Club Activities

From Monday 15 June school club activities will resume with measures such as shortened hours.

From Saturday 11 July activities will resume as normal.

Free Play Areas

From Monday 15 June after school free play areas will resume as normal.

School Facilities

From Monday 15 June they will be open for use as normal.


  • School Education Division
    TEL 072-724-6761
    FAX 072-724-6010

Afterschool Care

Afterschool care is being run while keeping in mind prevention of infection.


  • After School Children Support Division
    TEL 072-724-6736
    FAX 072-724-6010

Daycare Centers, Early Childhood Education and Care Centers, and Kindergartens

  • Public Daycare Centers
    Daycare centers are open while keeping in mind infection prevention.
  • Private Daycare Centers
    Daycare centers are open while keeping in mind infection prevention.
  • Public Kindergartens
    Open as normal from Monday 15 June.
  • Early Childhood Education and Care Centers (Misuzu Gakuen Shinmachi Child Center, Makiochi Kindergarten, Assumption Kokusai Kindergarten, Hijiri Higashi Kindergarten, Minoh Gakuen Affiliated Kindergarten, Ao Kindergarten)

    Daycare Course
    ・Open while keeping in mind infection prevention.

Normal Kindergarten Course and Kindergarten Course (for those who use these services for longer than the usual hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)
・Please contact your center individually for information.

  • Private Kindergartens (Wakaba Kindergarten, Sakuragaoka Kindergarten)

    Educational course and Daycare services
    ・Please contact your kindergarten individually for information.
  • Desk for Early Childhood
    TEL 072-724-6791
    FAX 072-721-9907