update:April 5, 2022


Registered Seal


A "seal" is used on official forms and applications as your signature. You need the certification of your registered seal when you buy land, a house, a car, etc. You need to register your seal at the City Office, or a Branch Office. The size of the seal you can register is limited. Also, some seals cannot be registered because of their characters, etc. Please ask about details to the Family Registry and Change of Address Division before you make your seal.

  • Family Registry and Change of Address Division
    TEL: 072-724-6725 FAX: 072-724-0853

Registered Seal Certificate

As a registered citizen living in Minoh City, if you have a registered seal you can apply for a Registered Seal Certificate.

Who can apply

  • Yourself
  • A representative

Things to bring

Your seal registration card, or a My Number card which contains an electronic certificate for user identification (individual number card).

Where to apply

  • Minoh City Office, Citizen's Registration Division
  • Minoh City Office Toyokawa Branch
  • Minoh City Office Todoromi Branch
  • Chuo Library
  • Seinan Library
  • Sakuragaoka Library
  • Higashi Lifelong Learning Center
  • Right-Pia 21
  • Minoh Multicultural Center
  • Minoh Citizen's Activities Center
  • Disaster Prevention Center (in Minoh Semba Parking Lot)


300 yen for each copy

If you have a My Number card which contains an electronic certificate for user identification, you may apply at any convenience store in the country (only at stores with a multicopy machine). At convenience stores the fee will be 200 yen.

Details of Registered Seal Certificate


Basic Information (Obligatory)


  • A copy of your seal
  • Your name
  • Preferred name (if you have a registered preferred name)
  • Address
  • Date of birth


  • Citizen Registration Division
    TEL: 072-724-6726 FAX: 072-724-0853