update:April 12, 2022


Foreign Language Media


Minoh City libraries have English newspapers and magazines (except for Sakuragaoka Library and the Right-Pia 21 Library Corner).

The "Momiji Dayori", Minoh City's public magazine, provides information in Japanese about city services, events, etc. It is delivered to all houses in Minoh around the end of every month. For missed delivery, please call Minoh FM Machi-Sodate Co.

MAFGA publishes a multilingual newsletter every 2 months, "The Minoh Post", in easy Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English. This newsletter contains daily information about Minoh City which is translated by volunteers. You can read "The Minoh Post" on the internet (External link) (easy Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English).

About Momiji Dayori

  • Minoh FM Machi-Sodate Co.
    TEL: 072-728-3210 FAX: 072-728-3733
  • Minoh Public Relations Division
    TEL: 072-724-6716 FAX: 072-724-6971

About "The Minoh Post" (Multilingual Newsletter)

  • Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA)
    TEL: 072-727-6912 FAX: 072-727-6920

Minoh Multilingual Portal

Minoh Multilingual Portal(External link) is a website with information about daily life in multiple languages for foreign residents living in Minoh. It has announcements from Minoh City and the Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA), as well as useful information about living in the area.

Minoh FM (81.6 MHz)

Minoh FM broadcasts in foreign languages. The name of the show is "Good Day Minoh (External link)". It broadcasts information about daily living and accepts music requests.

Broadcasts: Weekdays 12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Replayed: Weekdays 11:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Monday: English

Tuesday: Chinese

Wednesday: Spanish

Thursday: Thai

Friday: Korean

FM COCOLO (75.6 MHz)

FM COCOLO broadcasts in 12 languages.