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Sightseeing and Festivals


Minoh City is well known for its beautiful natural view, especially the Meiji Memorial Forest Minoh Quasi-National Park where you can appreciate the beauty of the four seasons. The city, with its surrounding mountains and hills, has spectacular cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. Alongside traditional local events, there is a festival called the "Minoh Matsuri" held every year that many Minoh citizens actively participate in.

Information on sightseeing, accommodation, event schedules and transport in and around Minoh and Osaka is available at the following centers.

Minoh Tourist Information Center

TEL: 072-723-1885 (Japanese) FAX: 072-721-1788
Address: Minoh City, Minoh 1-1-1
Open: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on weekdays
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on weekends, public holidays, all days in November
Closed: Thursday (Open in November. Open if Thursday is a public holiday, will be closed the next weekday.), the New Year Period (28 Dec - 4 Jan)

Tourist Information Osaka (Multilingual)

TEL: 06-6131-4550 (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai)
Online help: Osaka Call Center Tourist Guide (External link)

  • Tourist Information OSAKA (English, Chinese, Korean)
    JR Osaka Station, 1F Central Concourse, Travel Service Center Osaka
  • Tourist Information NAMBA (English, Chinese, Korean)
    Nankai Namba Station, in front of 2F Central Gate, JTB Osaka Namba Branch
  • Tourist Information SHIN-OSAKA (English, Chinese, Korean)
    JR Shin-Osaka Station, 3F Central Concourse, Travel Service Center Shin-Osaka

Events and Traditional Festivals information in Minoh


Fire Fighting Review on New Year

All the firefighters in Minoh City, including professionals and volunteers, showcase their fire fighting and rescue training.

Coming-of-Age Festival

In Japan, when people turn 18 years old, they are recognized as an adult under the law. In each city, the young adults who are coming of age (in Minoh City it is 20 years old) get together and are celebrated on this day. 


People bring decorations from the New Year such as Shimenawa to shrines and burn them. It is said that the ash prevents evil from coming into your house if you put it at your entrance.


The new year's first visit to a shrine or temple
People visit a shrine or temple, and pray for health and happiness in the New Year.

Yakubarai Kojin

Festival of Katsuoji Temple
A holy fire (Goma) of 3m tall cypress leaves is burned and people pray for health and happiness in the New Year.

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Setsubun, "Star Festival" of Taishakuji Temple

People walk barefoot on burned logs that were used for a holy fire and pray for health and happiness.

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Minoh Eight Stone Alters (Hatten Ishikura) Walk Trial

A walking event where you can learn about history, culture, and nature by touring the locations of the Eight Stone Alters (Hatten Ishikura) across the Minoh mountains. 

Spring Children's Festival in Minoh

A sports event for both children and adults to enjoy, focused around walking games.

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Door Opening Festival of Ryuanji Temple

Yamabushi (Mountain monks), open the doors of Gyojado Hall, in which an image of En'no Gyoja, the founder of Shugendo, is placed. The Yamabushi pray and start their training for the year.

Japanese pepper from Todoromi

The flowering Japanese peppers are a local delicacy delivered from Todoromi.

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Fresh Green Carnival

At Minoh parks, there are various kinds of events such as stamp collecting etc.

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Mountain lilies are in bloom

Wild mountain lilies on the mountains bloom, a sweet smelling pink flower.

Dental Awareness

An award ceremony for drawing and humorous poem competitions about healthy teeth. Free dental consultations and blood pressure tests are held.

Ina Fureai Center Festival

People over 60 years old enjoy dancing, music, calligraphy exhibitions, etc.

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Ryuanji Temple Hoon Hoyo

Yamabushi get together from around the Kinki area make a holy fire and pray for En'no Gyoja on the anniversary of his death.

Kamishibai Festival

People enjoy a form of traditional Japanese storytelling through a hand-made Kamishibai contest.

Loquat Harvest in Todoromi

Large sweet loquats, a unique product of Todoromi, are in harvest.

Ayu Fishing in the Yono River

Ayu, river trout, are released into the Yono River of Todoromi, and people fish for them.

Summer Evening Festival (Minoh area, Ao area, Sakurai area)

People enjoy stalls, Bon dancing, and some games in the evening.

Summer Fiesta in Minoh Park

The waterfall and river are beautifully illuminated along the road between Minoh Station and the waterfall. (Until the end of August).

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Mandoro Fire Festival

Since 2004 it has been held to pray for the city to flourish, and the revival of traditional culture. A fire parade is held down the riverbank of Senri River with Japanese lanterns made by children, straw torches, etc.

Hakunoshima Mandoro

It has been held for over 300 years. People walk along holding up about 2m long torches.

Jizo Bon

People pray to Jizo, a guardian deity of children, for peace and safety.

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Chestnuts from Todoromi

Large chestnuts, a well-known product in Todoromi, are in harvest.

Youth Culture Festival

Elementary and Junior High School children present cultural activities such as music, drama and paintings.

Respect for the Elderly Ceremony

People aged over 75 years old are honored and celebrated their long lives in the communities.

Elderly Culture Exhibitions

Artworks such as photos, pictures and handcrafts made by the elderly are exhibited.

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Minoh Festival

People enjoy parades, Bon dancing, Minoh Taiko (Japanese drumming), and night stalls.

Autumn Festival

Many shrines in the city hold festivals to pray for safe and good harvests in the area. People enjoy drumming performances, Mikoshi (portable shrine) parades, and stalls.

Tomikuji at Ryuanji Temple

Tomikuji is a kind of lottery that was popular in the Edo Period. Ryuanji Temple in Minoh Mountain is the origin of these lotteries. They originated around 440 years ago.

A memorial service for insects of Saikoji Temple

It has been held for about 70 years. People express sympathy for the short lives of insects and hold a memorial service for them.

Sports Carnival

People of a wide range of ages enjoy various kinds of sports.

Citizen Exhibition

Paintings, photos, and handcrafts made by citizens are exhibited and excellent pieces are awarded prizes.

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Maple Festival

Events are held at Minoh Park when the maple leaves are in full color.

Environmental Hygienics Week

Used furniture and the like are handed out as part of recycling events.

Inoko in Todoromi

Children go from house to house beating the ground with bundles of straw, expressing thanks to the wild boars for not destroying the rice paddy fields.

Yuzu harvest in Todoromi

Yuzu citrus, which smells good and can be used for cooking, are in harvest in Todoromi.

Door Closing Ceremony of Ryuanji Temple

Yamabushi burn holy fires and close the doors of Gyojado, at the end of their training through the year.

Agricultural Festival

Local agricultural products are shown and sold.

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Flower Cabbages from Niina

White and red flower cabbages, which are used to decorate the entrance of houses during the New Year period, are delivered from Niina.

Fire Prevention Week

As fires are especially common at this time of year, we encourage people to be aware of fire safety.

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