update:December 26, 2022


Consumer Rights


If you have any problems with shopping or contracts, please contact the Consumer Life Center.

  • Consumer Life Center
    TEL: 072-722-0999 FAX: 072-723-5538
    Open: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Closed: Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, the New Year period (29 Dec - 3 Jan)

Do you know about the Cooling Off System?

Cooling Off is a system that allows consumers to cancel a contract within a fixed time frame without any conditions. This is for cases when they made an unwanted transaction or agreed to a risky contract with a multi level marketing company or a door-to-door sales person.

The consumer has to cancel within 8 days after they recieve the contract. In the case of a multi-level selling system, the limit is 20 days. However, the Cooling Off system is not applied when the consumer agreed to a contract via mail order (including internet shopping), in a business office, or in a store.

In case of mail order (including internet shopping), it is possible to return the product if there was no information provided about product returns. In this case the product must be returned within 8 days of receiving it and a shipping fee must be paid. For more information please contact the Consumer Life Center.

If you receive unwanted goods, you can throw them out

If you receive a product that you have not placed an order or signed a contract for, you can dispose of this immediately. If the seller asks you to pay for it, you do not need to. This applies even if you have opened or disposed of the goods. If you pay the seller by mistake, you can request a refund. Please consult the Consumer Life Center for assistance.