update:December 26, 2022




Minoh City is a residential area rich in nature, located between the historical city of Kyoto and the port city of Kobe. It is in the northern part of Osaka. Because of the ease of transport and natural environment, many educational facilities and universities are located in the city and surrounding areas.

The citizens are very interested in the internationalization of Minoh City. The city promotes exchanges around the world. It has an International Cooperating City Agreement with Hutt City in New Zealand, and an International Friendship City Agreement with Cuernavaca City in Mexico. Minoh City also supports activities for cultural understanding and exchanges by the citizens.

About 2,790 foreigners live in Minoh City, 2% of the population. Of this figure, 21% are Korean and 31% are Chinese, while various other nationalities and ethnicities make up the remainder. Many overseas students are studying at Osaka University and other universities.

Minoh City is making efforts to provide foreign citizens with sufficient services in areas including medical care, culture, education and social welfare. City services, however, are usually provided in Japanese. In addition, it is still difficult to communicate in foreign languages on public transportation or while shopping. We realize that many foreigners may feel worried and inconvenienced in daily life.

We have compiled useful information into this "Guide for Living in Minoh City", available in Easy Japanese and English. It aims to help foreign people live securely, safely and comfortably in Minoh City. We hope that this information is useful for all of the foreign citizens.