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Counseling Organizations


Some of the following organizations require appointments for counseling. The availability of foreign language counseling depends on the day of the week.

If you have any language difficulties and you need help with translation, please contact the Human Rights Division or MAFGA.


For Daily Life

If you have any problems, please contact the following organizations by telephone, letter, FAX, e-mail, or visit the office directly.

  • Human Rights Division (Japanese)
    TEL 072-724-6720 FAX 072-725-8360
    Address Minoh City, Ina 1-14-5, Minoh City Office Third Annex 2F
  • Citizen’s Information Division (Japanese)
    TEL 072-724-6723 FAX 072-723-5538
    Address Minoh City, Nishishoji 4-6-1, Minoh CIty Office Annex 1F
  • Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA)
    TEL 072-727-6912 FAX 072-727-6920
    URL http://www.mafga.or.jp (External link )
    Address Minoh City, Onoharanishi 5-2-36, Minoh Multicultural Center

Multilingual consulting





11:00 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.

English, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese

It is only possible to consult in Filipino and Vietnamese on the 2nd and 4th Tue. of the month

If you speak in another language, please contact in advance in order to arrange an interpreter.

  • International House, Osaka (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
    TEL 06-6773-6533
    URL http://www.ih-osaka.or.jp/( External link )
    Available Time 9時00分 a.m. to 9:00 p.m (except around new year's days)
  • Osaka Information Service for Foreign Residents
    (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese)
    TEL 06-6941-2297 FAX 06-6966-2401 (Japanese, English)
    Address Osaka City, Chuo ward, Honmachi 2-5, My Dome Osaka 5F
    Day & Time Monday - Friday, 9時00分 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Except for public holidays, and from 29 Dec. to 3 Jan.)
    URL http://www.ofix.or.jp/ (External link )
  • Essentials for Living in Osaka
    URL http://www.ofix.or.jp/life/guide.html (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Easy Japanese)

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  • Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau
    TEL 06-4703-2100 (Switchboard)
  • Immigration Information Center, Osaka
    TEL 06-4703-2150

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Medical Treatment

Calling an Ambulance

  • Fire Department Headquarters
    TEL (You can call with a cell phone.) 119
    Please see "Emergency" for details.

Information on Hospitals with Foreign Language Services and the Japanese Medical System

  • AMDA International Medical Information Center Osaka Office
    TEL 050-3598-7574
    English, Spanish, Chinese Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    URL:http://amda-imic.com/( External link ) (English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Filipino, Thai, Japanese)

Medical Treatment of AIDS

  • Toneyama National Hospital
    TEL 06-6853-2001 (Switchboard)
  • Osaka General Medical Center
    9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    TEL 06-6692-1201 (Switchboard)

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  • Japan Help Line
    TEL 0120-46-1997

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  • Minoh Life Plaza (Japanese)
    TEL 072-727-9500 FAX 072-727-3539
  • Ikeda Public Health Center
    TEL 072-751-2990 FAX 072-751-3234
    Address 563-0041, Ikeda City, Masumicho 3-19

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  • Support Center for Child Raising (Japanese)




Support Center for Child Raising
(Ohisama Room Kayano)

Kayano 1-19-4

TEL 072-723-5433
FAX 072-723-5433

(TEL for consultation applications only 072-721-8845)

Support Center for Child Raising
(Ohisama Room Minoh)

Minoh 6-3-1

TEL 072-723-5433
FAX 072-723-5433

(TEL for consultation applications only 072-721-8845)

Support Center for Child Raising
(Ohisama Room Hijiri)
Ina 6-14-34 TEL 072-734-8858 (Tasedai Koryu Center)
FAX 072-734-8818


  • Public Daycare Centers (Japanese)




Sakuragaoka Daycare Center

Sakuragaoka 3-12-5

TEL 072-723-8118

FAX 072-724-0848

Kayano Daycare Center

Kayano 1-19-30

TEL 072-723-5400

FAX 072-724-4032

Ina Daycare Center

Sembanishi 1-11-9

TEL 072-728-5000

FAX 072-728-0743

Higashi Daycare Center

Aogein 5-2-1

TEL 072-728-4858

FAX 072-728-1222


  •  Private Daycare Centers authorized by the City (Japanese)




Joshoji Rinpokan Daycare Center

Hakushima 2-15-12

TEL 072-723-1075
FAX 072-722-2850

Onohara Gakuen (Preschool)

Onoharanishi 1-12-41

TEL 072-729-2668
FAX 072-729-7719

Hosenji Daycare Center

Aomatanihigashi 5-21-14

TEL 072-729-3319
FAX 072-729-3308

Momiji Daycare Center

Imamiya 2-4-25

TEL 072-729-7371
FAX 072-729-7716

Misuzu Gakuen (Preschool)
Sakuragaoka Daycare Center

Sakuragaoka 1-10-29

TEL 072-723-2302
FAX 072-724-4033

Segawa Daycare Center

Segawa 3-2-6

TEL 072-723-2302
FAX 072-724-4033

Sakura Daycare Center

Sakura 2-15-14

TEL 072-724-9614
FAX 072-724-9615

Tsubasa Gakuen Gein 1-2-3 TEL 072-729-0283
FAX 072-729-0284
Saito Minori Daycare Center Saitoaominami 6-15-4 TEL 072-749-1500
FAX 072-749-1515
Shinmachi Yuusei Daycare Center Shinmachinaka 1-1-6

TEL 072-738-0303

FAX 072-738-0030

Minoh Daycare Center Minoh 5-12-30

TEL 072-723-5252

FAX 072-724-4031

Kurehayume Daycare Center Kayano 5-7-30

TEL 072-726-9614

FAX 072-726-9615

Art Child Care Minoh Sakurai 2-11-16

TEL 072-720-0234

FAX 072-720-0235

Asuku Saitonishi Daycare Center Saitoaominami 1-18-38

TEL 072-749-0850

FAX 072-734-6333

Minoh Poppo Daycare Center Sakura 4-18-14, Maison Ardent III, North Building 1F

TEL&FAX 072-722-5756

Mebae Daycare Center Minoh 6-10-19, UNITED J's 1F TEL&FAX 072-741-1127
Ai Daycare Center Makiochi Makiochi 2-5-15

TEL 072-736-9650

FAX 072-736-9657

Kogumano Mori Daycare Center Minoh Saitoen

Saitoaominami 2-12-32


TEL 072-749-6100

FAX 072-749-6500

Minokko Daycare Center (Branch of Minoh Daycare Centre) Kayano 5-7-35

TEL 072-734-7734

FAX 072-734-7733

Treasure Kids Aominami Daycare Center Saitoaominami 2-12-22 TEL & FAX 072-734-8010
Treasure Kids Imamiya Daycare Center Imamiya 3-8-2 TEL & FAX 072-737-6033


  • Small-Scale Local Childcare Facilities (Japanese)




Kaisei Petite Daycare Center

Onohara Higashi 5-4-12, Onohara Sun Heights 1F

 TEL&FAX 072-737-4880

 Noichigo Daycare Center

Aoshinke 3-23-13

TEL&FAX 072-743-3235

Tukushi Daycare Center

Hakushima 1-1-33

TEL&FAX 072-725-1123

Hijiri Toyokawa Daycare Center Aomataninishi 1-2-1, Toyokawa Branch 2F

TEL 072-729-4152

FAX 072-729-4153

Daycare Center Minoh no Ouchi Senbanishi 2-2-1, New Erimo Building 2F TEL 072-735-7029
FAX 072-727-8099
Fairy Kids Daycare Center Sakurai Sakurai 1-13-2-101, Halleria Sakurai TEL & FAX 072-737-9941
Pingu's English Saito Small-scale Daycare Center Aomatanihigashi 5-5-8 TEL 072-786-9044
FAX 072-786-1507

 In addition to the above, there are plans for new centers to open in the coming year. Please check the link below for a list of childcare institutions in Minoh City, or contact the Early Childhood Education and Daycare Center Section for more details.

List of Minoh City Daycare Centers and Early Childhood Education Centers (Japanese):


  • Public Kindergartens (Japanese)




Kayano Kindergarten

Kayano 2-7-16

TEL 072-722-7790

FAX 072-724-4034

Seinan Kindergarten

Segawa 3-2-3

TEL 072-723-8101

FAX 072-724-9692

Naka Kindergarten

Minoh 5-10-23

TEL 072-722-8503

FAX 072-724-9691

Toyokawaminami Kindergarten

Onoharahigashi 4-27-43

TEL 072-727-2577

FAX 072-727-2363


  •  Private Kindergartens (Japanese)




Wakaba Kindergarten

Sakurai 2-7-2

TEL 072-721-2431
FAX 072-721-0348

Minoh Gakuen Affiliated Kindergarten

Minoh 7-7-31

TEL 072-723-6566
FAX 027-724-2132

Minoh Sakuragaoka Kindergarten

Sakuragaoka 2-8-16

TEL 072-723-2500
FAX 072-721-9200

Ao Kindergarten

Aomadani Higashi 5-30-19

TEL 072-729-4192
FAX 072-729-1543


  • Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care




 Misuzu Gakuen,
Shinmachi Child Center

Shinmachi Naka 1-23-11

TEL 072-743-9001
FAX 072-743-9002

Early Childhood Education and Care Center

Makiochi Kindergarten

Makiochi 2-12-41

TEL 072-722-2855

FAX 072-734-6686

Early Childhood Education and Care Center
Assumption Kokusai Kindergarten

Nyoidani 1-10-11

TEL 072-722-3933
FAX 072-722-8637

Early Childhood Education and Care Center

Hijiri Higashi Kindergarten

Aomataninishi 1-7-1

TEL 072-729-1566

FAX 072-729-9925


  • School Education Division (Japanese)
    TEL 072-724-6761 FAX 072-724-6010
  • School Life Support Division(Japanese)
    TEL 072-724-6760 FAX 072-724-6010
  • Education Center (Japanese)
    TEL 072-727-5112 FAX 072-727-4089

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  • Human Rights Division (Japanese)
    TEL 072-724-6943 FAX 072-725-8360
  • Dawn Center, Osaka Prefectural Center for Youth and Gender Equality
    TEL 06-6910-8500 FAX 06-6910-8775 TEL 06-6910-8588 (Consulting Room)
    URL http://www.dawncenter.jp/top/index.jsp( External link )(English, Japanese)

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Human Rights

  • Human Rights Division (Japanese)
    TEL 072-724-6720 FAX 072-725-8360
  • Minoh Association For Global Awareness
    TEL 072-727-6912 FAX 072-727-6920
    URL http://www.mafga.or.jp (External link)
  • Osaka Legal Affairs Bureau (English, Chinese, Japanese)
    TEL 06-6942-9496
    Address Osaka City, Chuo Ward, Tanimachi 2-1-17
Language Day Time


1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Every Wednesday 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.


  • Osaka Bar Association (English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese)
    Phone counseling for foreigners' rights, such as residential status, forcible removal and employment.
    They will introduce you to a lawyer who can speak English, Korean, or Chinese. 
    TEL 06-6364-6251 (2nd and 4th Fridays of the month 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

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Traffic Accidents

  • Police
    TEL 110
  • Fire Department Headquarters
    TEL (You can call with a cell phone.) 119 (Fire or Sudden Sickness)

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Troubles with Shopping or Contracts

  • Minoh Consumer Life Center (Japanese)
    TEL 072-722-0999

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Injuries or troubles at work

  • Osaka Labor Bureau (English, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese)
    TEL 06-6949-6490 FAX 06-6949-6034
    If you need help with translation, please contact them in advance.
  • Osaka Prefecture General Labor Bureau (English, Chinese)
    TEL 06-6946-2600
    If you need help with translation, reservations in Japanese are required.

Employment Organizations

  • Hello Work Sakai, Osaka Employment Service Corner for Foreigners (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese)
    TEL 072-222-5049
    Address Sakai City, Sakai Ward, Minami Kawaramachi 2-29, Sakai Combination Office
    If you need help with translation, please contact in advance.
  • Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners
    TEL 06-7709-9465 (Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish)
    AddressOsaka City, Kita Ward, Kakudacho 8-47, Hankyu Grand Building 16F
    If you need help with translation, please contact in advance.
  • Hello Work Ikeda
    TEL 072-751-2595 (Japanese) FAX 072-751-8100
    Address Ikeda City, Sakaehonmachi 12-9

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Issues with Housing Contracts

  • Hokusetsu Branch, The Osaka Prefecture Housing Lot and Building Trading Council (Japanese)
    TEL 06-6853-2988 FAX 06-6844-0066
    Open hours from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.(Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays) 
  • Advice Bureau of the Osaka Prefecture Housing Lot and Building Trading Council (Japanese)
    TEL 06-6943-0621 (switchboard) FAX 06-6946-0320
    Open hours from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.(From Mondays to Fridays)
  • Housing Lot and Building Trading Control Section, Osaka Prefectural Government (Japanese)
    TEL 06-6210-9734 FAX 06-6210-9731
    Address Osaka City, Suminoe Ward, Nankokita 1-14-16, Osaka Prefecture Sakishima Building
    Open hours from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (From Mondays to Fridays)

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