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Mother and Child Health Handbook

Medical Check-ups for Pregnant Women

Dental Health Check-Ups for Pregnant Women

Subsidies for Childbirth

 Mother and Child Health Handbook

After you are informed by a doctor that you are pregnant, please get the Mother and Child Health Handbook from the Healthy Children Division located in 2F of the City Office Annex, or at the Toyokawa or Todoromi City Office branches.

The Mother and Child Health Handbook is very important to record the health condition of mother and baby.
When you get the book, fill in the form and bring it whenever you go to the hospital.
The Mother and Child Health Handbook are issued in both Japanese and English.

If you want to get the Mother and Child Health Handbook in another language (Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese, Tagalog, Spanish), you can consult the Healthy Children Division.

  • Healthy Children Division 
    TEL 072-724-6768     FAX 072-721-9907

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 Medical Check-Ups for Pregnant Women

 You can receive NINPU KENKOU SHINSA JYUSHIN KEN (14 coupons) with the Mother and Child Health Handbook as public funding for your medical check ups. You can use these coupons at a hospital, or at a maternity center in Osaka. Since there are some medical institutions that don't accept these coupons, please ask in advance if they do. Please remember, you cannot use these coupons in other prefectures.

  • Generally, you use the first coupon when you get a blood check.
  • The 2nd to 14th coupons can be used at any time throughout your pregnancy.
  • If the cost of your pregnancy medical check-ups is more than the public subsidy, you will need to pay the rest of the money by yourself. 


How to use these coupons


Number of check up

Maximum public subsidy

Where you can use it


1st time


Hospital or Maternity Center in Osaka

2nd to 3rd time

5,000yen per time

4th time


5th to 7th time

5,000yen per time

8th time


9th to 10th time

5,000yen per time

11th time


12th to 14th time

5,000yen per time


≪Refund System≫

If you get a pergnancy medical checkup in another prefecture, you may apply to the refund system. Please apply for it at the Healthy Children Division located in 2F of the City Office Annex, within a year of the medical checkup.

(1) What you need to apply: Receipts, your Mother and Child Health Handbook, your bank account number and personal seal, and any NINPU KENKOU SHINSA JYUSHIN HOJYO KEN that you have not used.

(2) Amount of Refund: You will recieve back the lower out of the cost of the medical check up and the value of the remaining subsidy.

  • Healthy Children Division
    TEL 072-724-6768 FAX 072-721-9907

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Dental Health Check-Ups for Pregnant Women

A dental examination and consultation is available for pregnant women once every 2 months at Life Plaza 2F. It is recommended to take the examination around 16 weeks of pregnancy. Please reserve a appointment in advance by TEL or FAX. (Free of Chage) 

  • Community Health Division
    TEL 072-727-9507  FAX 072-727-3539


  Subsidies for Childbirth

Minoh City helps with part of childbirth expenses for parents who have difficulty paying childbirth fees.  For details, please contact the Childcare Support Division. 


Please consult the Childcare Support Division up to two months before the birth of your child.

*Even after this limit, please consult the Childcare Support Division first of all.

  • Childcare Support Division
    TEL 072-724-6738     FAX 072-724-9907

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