update:October 20, 2017




Borrowing books

Anyone who lives/studies/works in Minoh City can borrow books from the City Libraries. You can borrow up to 20 books, but you must return them within 15 days.

When you use the City Libraries, you need a library card. When using the City Libraries for the first time, please bring something to verify your address and name, such as a driver's license, health insurance card, resident card or special permanent resident certificate.

When a book that you would like to borrow is already out, you can reserve it. You will be notified when the book is returned.  You can also reserve a book through the internet.  Before using this service, you have to register a password by yourself. 

If there is a book you want to read that is not in the City Libraries, you can request the City Libraries to buy it or to send it from a library in another city.

Returning books

You can return books to any library or mobile library in Minoh City. If the library is closed, you can return books through the returning slot.

You can read English newspapers, magazines (except for at the Sakuragaoka Library and Right-Pia 21 Library Corner) and books in Minoh libraries.

You can enjoy movies and DVDs free of charge in the libraries, except for Sakuragaoka Library, Onohara Library and Right-Pia 21 Library Corner.

You can enjoy music CDs free of charge in the libraries except for Sakuragaoka Library, Onohara Library and Right-Pia 21 Library Corner.  Please bring a library card.  


Open: 10.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m. (9.30 a.m-5.00 p.m: Chuo Library)

*Open until 7.00 p.m (except public holidays): on Wednesdays and Fridays at Chuo Library, on Thursdays at Higashi Library and Seinan Library, on Fridays at Kayano Minami Library.

Closed: Mondays, around new year days (from 29 Dec. to 4 Jan.) and the book organization period.

Wide Area Library Use

You can borrow books from libraries in the HOKUSETSU District (Toyonaka City, Ikeda City, Suita City, Takatsuki City, Ibaraki City, Settsu City, Shimamoto Town, Nose Town, Toyono Town) up to 5 books at one time for 15 days.  When using this system for the first time, please bring something to verify your address, and register to each library. You should return the books to the library where you borrowed the books. 



Chuo Library

TEL 072-722-4580 
FAX 072-724-9697

Higashi Library

TEL 072-729-1321
FAX 072-729-1305

Kayanominami Library

TEL 072-727-1033 
FAX 072-727-6416

Seinan Library

TEL 072-725-1022 
FAX 072-725-6722

Sakuragaoka Library

TEL 072-724-8707 
FAX 072-724-4802

Onohara Library TEL 072-749-5176
FAX 072-749-5177

Right-pia 21 Library Corner

TEL 072-722-7195
FAX 072-722-3708

Mobile Library "Midori-go"

It drives to 10 places in Minoh City once every 2 weeks.
TEL 072-722-4580
FAX 072-724-9697