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Volunteer Activities



Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA)

Volunteer Center (Minoh Social Welfare Council)

Minoh Citizen's Activity Center

 Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA)

Why don't you join the volunteer activities at MAFGA?  It is a great chance for you to work for your community and to make more friends.

Volunteers at MAFGA do several things, for example, editing a multilingual newsletter, "THE MINOH POST", sending translators to schools, helping children with roots in foreign countries to study, and working as staff to support several kinds of seminars,  the community cafe "comm cafe", the Multi-Ethnic Festival and so on. 

  • Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA)
    TEL 072-727-6912  FAX 072-727-6920
    Address 5-2-36, Onoharanishi Minoh City, Minoh Multicultural Center

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 Volunteer Center (Minoh Social Welfare Council)

The Volunteer Center provides information, holds seminars on a wide range of volunteer activities, and provides information about insurance for volunteers. The center also connects people who want to volunteer and who need volunteers. It is a special organization through which you can meet many people including children, people with disabilities, and elderly people. 
Open: Monday - Friday 8:45 a.m.- 5:15 p.m. (Except national holidays and around the end of the year to the new year)

  • The Minoh City Council of Social Welfare Volunteer Center
    TEL 072-749-1535   FAX 072-727-3590

 Minoh Citizen's Activity Center

Minoh Citizen's Activity Center provides information about NPO activities, gives advice, and holds seminars.  It introduces several kinds of activities in Minoh City, such as improving the city, preserving the environment, and the wellbeing of children. Through NPO activities, it is possible to find people from the same countries or regions.  Let's try to join the NPO activities!  (A reservation is recommended if you plan to enquire about citizen's activities.)

  • Minoh Citizen's Activity Center
    Address 4-5-20 Boshima Minoh Q's Mall West 1-2F
    TEL 072-720-3386  FAX 072-720-3387
    URL http://www.shimink.jp
    Open Hours: 9:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.  Close: from December 29 to January 3

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