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Emergency (Fire and Sudden Sickness)



Calling an Ambulance

Calling a Fire Engine

Kyu-Kyu Anshin Center Osaka

Going to a Hospital (Sat, Sun or at Night)

Points to consider when making an emergency phone call

  1. Please try to learn Japanese words and phrases such as your address.  It will be helpful to you in emergency situations.
  2. If possible, ask someone who can speak Japanese to make a phone call instead of you.
  3. If you do speak English, please speak slowly and clearly.
  4. Please tell your address correctly.
  5. Please call 119 for emergencies (To Fire Department Headquarters for fire or sudden sickness) with a landline or a cell phone.

 Calling an Ambulance

Please call an ambulance when you get a sudden sickness or injury, or when you are unable to go to a hospital by yourself.

  1. Call 119.  (You can call with a cell phone.) 
  2. Say "Emergency" and explain the situation like this: "There is a sudden sick person,"  "There is a traffic accident," or  "There is an injured person."  Then speak your name, phone number, address (○○ Minoh City), and a landmark (such as a big building that you can see) to the staff.  
    *If possible, please explain the condition of the sickness or injury.
    (Total members, gender, age, and the name of the hospital where the person will go.)
  3. Before an ambulance arrives, do the following things, if possible.
    *Do first aid (such as CPR or stopping the bleeding).
    *Wait for the ambulance outside of the building.
  4. After the ambulance arrives, explain the following things to the paramedics.
    *The situation of the sickness or injury until the ambulance arrived.
    *What kind of first aid you did.
    *What kind of sickness the person often gets, and the name of the hospital where the person usually goes. 

 There is a checklist in 16 foreign languages in the ambulance, which can help you to explain the condition.

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 Calling A Fire Engine

Please call a Fire Engine in case of a fire.

  1. Call 119.  (You can call with a cell phone.)
  2. Say "Fire," and tell the staff your name, phone number, the address of the fire (○○ Minoh City), and a landmark (such as a big building that you can see) to the staff. 
    Please continue to explain what is burning, and whether anyone is trapped.

Please do exactly as follows.

*Shout "Fire!" to your neighbors.

*If the fire is small, try to put it out with an extinguisher. However, if you feel is it too difficult to put out the fire, evacuate the area.

*When you evacuate, keep your body low to the ground and put a wet towel on your mouth and nose in order to not breathe in the smoke.

*When you evacuate, use stairs not elevators.

  • Fire Department
    TEL (You can call with a cell phone.) 119 (Emergency (Fire or Sudden Sickness)  072-724-5678 (Except for Emergency)  FAX 072-724 - 6416
  • Fire Department, Command and Control Center
    TEL 072-724-5678  FAX 072-724-6416

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 Kyu-Kyu Anshin Center Osaka

Please call #7119, or 06-6582-7119, when you don't know whether you should call an ambulance or go to a hospital by yourself.  The Center is available 24 hours everyday.  Nurses or advisors will advise you. (The phone call will be charged, but there is no charge for the service) For an emergency, don't hesitate to call 119. (It is free and you don't need to pay any fees for using an ambulance.)

  • Fire Department, Fire Planning Division
    TEL 072-724-9009  FAX 072-724-3999 

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Shouni Kyu-Kyu Telephone Consultation(Consultation by telephone for people who have a child)

Please call #8000, or 06-6765-3650, when you don't know whether you should take your child to a hospital or not in case of sickness. The telephone service is available from 8:00p.m. to 8:00 a.m. The phone call will be charged, but there is no charge for the service. Consultants are nurses.  

 Going to a Hospital (on Sat, Sun or at Night)

When you go to hospital by yourself on Sat, Sun, or at night due to sickness or injury, please call before you go if possible:

Internal Medicine, Surgery → Minoh City Hospital

Pediatrics (Students under junior high school age) → Toyono Wide Area Sudden Illness Center

Dentistry: Minoh City Hospital (daytime on Sundays and public holidays)

For information on nearby hospitals which are open, please call the fire department.

  • Minoh City Hospital
    TEL 072-728-2001  FAX 072-728-7482
    Address 5-7-1 Kayano Minoh City
    Closed on Sat., Sun., holidays and 29 Dec. to 3 Jan.
    Accepts emergency patients 24 hours a day.
    In addition, please be aware of the reception times of Pediatrics and Dentistry 
    • Pediatrics: Except for Reception hours of  Toyono Wide Area Sudden Illness Center.
      (There is out of reception hours some days.)(Toyono Wide Area Sudden Illness Center: http://www.toyono-kodomo.jp/
    • Dentistry : 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Only Sundays, public holidays, and 29 Dec.to 3 Jan)  
  • Toyono Wide Area Sudden Illness Center
    Pediatrics only (Children up until entering junior high school)
    TEL 072-729-1981  FAX 072-728-4194
    Address 5-1-14 Kayano Minoh City
    Reception Hours:
    Weekdays (6:30 p.m.- 6:30 a.m. of the next morning)
    Saturdays (except public holidays)(2:30 p.m.- 6:30 a.m. of the next morning)
    Sundays & public holidays (8:30 a.m.- 6:30 a.m. of the next morning)
    *In case of injury, fracture, burn or if you accidentally swallow an object, you can not use this center.  

Please call if you would like to know about hospitals near your house.

  • Osaka Prefectural Medical Emergency Information Center
    TEL 06-6693-1199 (24 hours for 365 days)

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