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Health Consultations

Nutrition Consultations

Health Examinations

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Dental Health Examinations

Health Consultations

If you have worries about your health, please contact the Community Health Division

  • Community Health Division
    TEL 072-727-9507   FAX 072-727-3539

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 Nutritional Consultations

If you have worries about your eating habits or nutrition, please contact the Dietary Education Promotion Division. 

  • Promoting Minoh Local Food And Eating Habits Division
    TEL 072-727-9563    FAX 072-727-3539

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Health Examinations (Basic Health Examinations, Specific Health Check-ups, Old-old Adults Medical Health Examinations, and Cancer Examinations)

For early detection and disease prevention, please get regular health check­ups

  1. Persons aged 15 to 39 years (Basic Health Examinations)
    Basic Health Examinations and Dental Examinations are offered to persons who have no such service available at their workplace or school, once a year at the Medical Health Center.
    You have to make a reservation in advance.
    When you take the health examination, you need to bring something to verify your address and age, such as a Health Insurance Card.
    • Medical Health Center
      TEL 072-727-9555   FAX 072-727-3532
  2. Persons aged 40 to 74 years (Specific Health Check-ups)
    For further information, please ask your insurer. 
    If you have National Health Insurance in Minoh city, you can bring your Health Insurance Card and the “Specific Health Examination Consultation Ticket” sent by the city office, to the designated medical institution. The check up will be free.
  3. Persons aged over 75 years (Old-old Adults Medical Health Examinations)
    If you need to take Long Life Medical Health Examination, please see the information from the Old-Old Adults Medical Care Wide Area Union of Osaka Prefecture. 
    • Old-Old Adults Medical Care Wide Area Union of Osaka Prefecture
      TEL 06-4790-2031
    • Long-term Care Insurance, Medical Subsidies And Pension Division
       TEL 072-724-6739    FAX 072-724-6040  
  4. Cancer Examinations
    Persons aged over 40 years (For uterine cancer, women over 20 years) are entitled to take Cancer Examinations (Except breast cancer and prostate cancer) provided by the City once a year. 
    You need to make a reservation in advance at the designated medical institutions.
    When you take the cancer examinations, you need to bring something to verify your address and age such as a Health Insurance Card, as well as your Health Handbook. (For those over 40 years)(If you don't have it, the hospital that you go to will give it to you. )

* You can take Cancer Examinations one time during the period from April 2009 to March 2010. 

* From the second time, you will have to pay all medical expenses. 

* The "Health Handbook" (for persons aged over 40 years) is distributed at designated medical institutions or the Health and Welfare Advisory Service at the 1st floor of the Health and Welfare Advisory Service General Health and Welfare Center (Minoh Life Plaza). 

* Age criteria: If you reach the required age during the year 2017 (1st April 2017 to 31 March 2018), you are eligible. 
(e.g. Aged 40 years means your birthday is in the period from 1st April 1977 to 31 March 1978.)

<Kinds of Cancer Examinations>

Stomach Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer (For women aged over 40 years with an age ending in an even number), Uterine Cancer (For women aged over 20 years), Prostate Cancer (For men aged 55, 58, 61, 64, 67, 70, 73 and 76 years), and Hepatitis Virus Examination (For persons aged over 40 years and who have never had a Hepititus Virus Examination). 

  • Community Health Section
    TEL 072-727-9507   FAX 072-727-3539

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Medical Health Center Examinations (Reservation is required.) 

  • Total Medical examinations (Complete medical check-ups)
  • Health examinations (Basic Health Examinations, Specific Health Check-ups, Old-old Adults Medical Health Examinations, and Cancer Examinations)
  • You can also take a Bone Density Examination, Helical CT Examination for Lung Cancer, Oral Examination by Panoramic X-ray, Tumor Marker test, MRI Brain Scan, PET-CT, Helicobacter Pylori Exam.

Financial aid is available to those who carry Minoh City National Health Insurance.  Please ask for details, such as fees, to the Medical Health Center. 

  • Medical Health Center
    TEL 072-727-9555     FAX 072-727-3532

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Dental Health Examinations (Dental Health Examinations, Dental Health Examinations at Preventative Dentistry Center)

  1. Dental Health Examinations
    There are dental health examinations available for free for those aged 40 to 74 years in October and November once every two years. Please bring dental examination tickets and a health insurance certificate.
    • Community Health Division
      TEL 072-727-9507   FAX 072-727-3539
  2. Dental Health Examination at the Preventative Dentistry Center
    Dental examinations, brushing guidance and fluoride treatment are available for those aged 1 to 15 years at the Preventative Dentistry Center. For adults, dental examinations and brushing guidance are also available at the center.   
    • Preventative Dentistry Center
      TEL 072-727-9556   FAX 072-727-3532

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