update:October 20, 2017


Installation of Fire Alarm


The installation of fire alarms is required at every house. Fire alarms keep you and your family safe. 

A fire alarm reacts to smoke and heat, and warns you of a fire by making noise.   

From 1 June, 2011, it is compulsory to install an alarm in all houses. 
* If you have an automatic fire alarm or a sprinkler at your house, you don't have to install a fire alarm. 

Where to install fire alarms

  1.  Bedrooms
  2.  Kitchen (It is compulsory from 1 April, 2015.)
  3. On a stairwell attached to a floor with bedrooms (Except when that floor leads directly outside.)
  4. Hallways of floors where you don't have bedrooms but have 5 or more rooms which are more than 7 square meters.   

Types of fire alarm

Alarms are classified into two types: residential smoke alarm and residential heat alarm.

Please install a residential smoke alarm in bedrooms, stairs, and hallways.You may use either type in kitchens, but it is recommended to install a smoke alarm because it can react quickly.

Where to buy a fire alarm

You can buy a fire alarm at an electronic shop or stores that handle household goods. 

When you buy it, please choose one with an NS mark. The NS mark provides quality assurance for fire alarms.  

Warning about malicious home selling

Please be careful of illigitimate persons or companies that coerce you into buying fire alarms at high prices.

Maintenance of fire alarms

An alarm with old parts, battery, etc.  may not properly sense a fire.

If there is any dust or spider's web on the sensor of the fire alarm, it could cause a malfunction or make it difficult to detect a fire. Therefore, please test the alarm by pushing the button or pulling the string, and replace the fire alarm every 10 years.

The method for testing and replacing you fire alarm may differ according to which alarm you buy, so carefully read the instructions included with your alarm.

  • Fire Prevention Division, Fire Department Headquarters
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