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Notification of Birth

Childbirth Allowance

 Notification of Birth

When you have had a baby, make sure to do the following:

*Please submit the Notification of Childbirth (within 14 days after the birth) .
*Please take a Mother and Child Health Handbook, the Notification of Childbirth and your personal seal(INKAN) when you make notifications at the City Office.

  • Family Registry and Change of Address Section
    TEL 072-724-6724     FAX 072-724-0853

*Please take your health insurance certificate with you when you notify the City Office of the birth of your child. You can get a Medical Care Certificate for a Child issued to subsidize medical expenses.
*Please apply for the Medical Care Certificate for a Child issued to subsidize medical expenses, when your child obtains health insurance.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance,Medical Subsidies and Pension Division
    TEL 072-724-6733     FAX 072-724-6040

*Please apply for a Visa (within 30 days after the birth).

If you would like to know more details, please ask the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau.

  • Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau
    TEL 06-4703-2100

*Please notify your embassy or consulate.

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 Childbirth Allowance

When you give a birth to a baby at a hospital, you can apply for “SHUSSAN IKUJI ICHIJI KIN” (A system in which you can receive 420,000 yen (or 390,000 yen) from National Health Insurance.) Some hospitals don’t have this system so please ask your hospital directly.

If the expense of the delivery is more than 420,000 yen, you will need to pay the rest of the money to the hospital.  

If the expense of the delivery is less than 420,000 yen, you will receive the rest of the money from National Health Insurance. 

If you give birth to a baby in another country or give birth within 22 weeks of pregnancy, you can receive 390,000 yen from National Health Insurance. (Applying to National Health Insurance is essential.) 


  • National Health Insurance Division
    TEL 072-724-6734     FAX 072-724-6040

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