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Child Raising and Education


Under the Japanese education system, the school year starts on April 1 and ends the following March 31.

If you have any concerns about raising your children, there are counseling services at the Child Raising Support Center or at your nearby daycare center or kindergarten.


Support Centers for Child Raising  (Ohisama Room)

Traveling Childcare Area (Ohisama Area)

Daycare Center

Short Use Daycare Asobi~

Minoh Family Support Center


Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care

Elementary and Junior High School

Support Centers for Child Raising (Ohisama Room)

These are places that preschool aged children and their parents can use. 

  • Support Center for Child Raising (Ohisama Room Kayano)
    Open hours:10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 
    Address:1-19-14 Kayano Minoh City Culture of Human Rights Center (Right Pia 21) 2F
    TEL 072-723-5433,072-721-8845 (Consultation only)
    FAX 072-723-5433
  • Support Center for Child Raising (Ohisama Room Minoh)
    Open hours: 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Closed on Thursdays, Sundays and holidays.
    Address: 6-3-1 Minoh Minoh City Minoh Sun plaza 3F
    TEL 072-723-5433,072-721-8845 (Consultation only)
    FAX 072-723-5433
  • Center for Child Raising (Ohisama Room Hijiri)
    Open hours: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Closed on Wednesdays, Sundays and holidays.
    Address: 6-14-34, Ina Minoh City, Ina Fureai Center
    TEL 072-734-8617   FAX 072-734-8818

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Traveling Childcare Area (Ohisama Area)

 The Support Center for Child Raising provides a traveling area where parents and children can meet and play together.

  • There are a lot of toys so children can have fun.
  • It is a good opportunity to meet and befriend similar aged parents and children.

There is no application process, so feel free to come and play whenever you would like. The time and place often changes, so please check the schedule in the monthly Momiji Dayori magazine or on the Minoh City Ohisama website.

  • Childcare Support Division, Support Center for Child Raising
    TEL 072-723-5433

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Daycare Center


Daycare centers are intended for children aged from 57 days to until they enter school.

They can go to centers when their parents/caregivers are unable to take care of them due to sickness, work, school, or taking care of ill people during the daytime. Depending on your situation, the available daycare time may change.

Childcare hours

Depending on your situation, the available daycare time may change.
Monday to Saturday  7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (7:00 am to 7:30 pm: Onohara Gakuen, Segawa Daycare Center, Saito Minori Daycare Center, Shinmachi Yuusei Daycare Center, Minoh Daycare Center, Art Child Care Minoh, Asuku Saitonishi Daycare Center, Mebae Daycare Center, Ai Daycare Center Makiochi and Misuzu Shinmachi Child Center) (After 6:30 p.m., there is an extra charge).

Closed on Sundays and holidays. (Except Sakura Daycare Center) 


Fees are assessed depending on the age of the child and the income of the parents or caregivers. If you use extended day care, you will need to pay extra fees. The extended time is from 6:30 p.m. for standard daycare time and from 6:00 p.m. for short daycare time.


Please apply at the City Office. You need to provide documentation which shows that you are unable to take care of your child during the daytime, such as a working certificate issued by your employer, or a school certificate. In some cases, you also need to provide a certificate of the amount of  munincipal tax you paid. (e.g. Tax certificate)
An application can be made at anytime, but you may have to wait if there are no vacancies.

If you want your children to attend a daycare center from the beginning of the school year in April, the application period will be different.

The conditions for enrollment written above apply to city authorized public and private daycare centers. There are also private daycare centers which are not authorized, and part time daycare centers as well. Please ask for more details at the Early Childhood Education Division.

  • Early Childhood Education and Daycare Center Section(Desk for Early Childhood)
    TEL 072-724-6791  FAX 072-721-9907
  • Public daycare centers




Sakuragaoka Daycare Center

3-12-5 Sakuragaoka

TEL 072-723-8118

FAX 027-724-0848

Kayano Daycare Center

1-19-30 Kayano

TEL 072-723-5400

FAX 072-724-4032

Ina Daycare Center

1-11-9 Sembanishi

TEL 072-728-5000

FAX 072-728-0743

Higashi Daycare Center

5-2-1 Aogein

TEL 072-728-4858

FAX 072-728-1222


  • Private daycare centers authorized by the City




Joshojirinpokan Daycare Center

2-15-12 Hakushima

TEL 072-723-1075
FAX 072-722-2850

Onohara Gakuen (Preschool)

1-12-41 Onoharanishi

TEL 072-729-2668
FAX 072-729-7719

Hosenji Daycare Center

5-21-14 Aomatanihigashi

TEL 072-729-3319
FAX 072-729-3308

Momiji Daycare Center

2-4-25 Imamiya

TEL 072-729-7371
FAX 072-729-7716

Misuzu Gakuen (Preschool)
Sakuragaoka Daycare Center

1-10-29 Sakuragaoka

TEL 072-720-7575
FAX 072-720-7576

Segawa Daycare Center

3-2-6 Segawa

TEL 072-723-2302
FAX 072-724-4033

Sakura Daycare Center

2-15-14 Sakura

TEL 072-724-9614
FAX 072-724-9615

Tubasa Gakuen 1-2-3 Gein TEL 072-729-0283
FAX 072-729-0284
Saito Minori Daycare Center 6-15-4 Saitoaominami TEL 072-749-1500
FAX 072-749-1515
Shinmachi Yuusei Daycare Center 1-1-6 Shinmachinaka TEL & FAX 072-738-0303
Minoh Daycare Center 5-12-30 Minoh TEL 072-723-5252
FAX 072-724-4031
Kurehayume Daycare Center 5-7-30 Kayano

TEL 072-726-9614

FAX 072-726-9615

Art Child Care Minoh 2-11-16 Sakurai TEL 072-720-0234
FAX 072-720-0235
Asuku Saitonishi Daycare Center 1-18-38 Saitoaominami

TEL 072-749-0850

FAX 072-734-6333

Minoh Poppo Daycare Center 4-18-14 Sakura

TEL 072-722-5756

FAX 072-722-5756

Mebae Daycare Center 6-10-19 Minoh

TEL 072-741-1127

FAX 072-741-1127

Ai Daycare Center Makiochi 2-5-15 Makiochi TEL 072-736-9650
FAX 072-736-9651

Kogumano Mori Daycare Center Minoh Saitoen

2-12-32 Saitoaominami


TEL 072-749-6100
FAX 072-749-6500

Minookko Daycare Center

(Branch of Minoh Daycare Center)

5-7-35 Kayano TEL 072-734-7734
FAX 072-734-7733


  • Small-scale Local Childcare Facilities




Kaisei Petit Daycare Center,Onohara En

1F Onoharasanhaitsu,5-4-12 Onoharahigashi

TEL 072-737-4880

FAX 072-737-4880

Noichigo Daycare Center 3-23-13 Aoshinke

TEL 072-743-3235

FAX 072-743-3235

Tsukushi Daycare Center 1-1-33 Hakushima

TEL 072-725-1123

FAX 072-725-1123

Hijiri Toyokawa Daycare Center 1-2-1 Aomataninishi, Toyokawa Branch 2F 

TEL 072-729-4152

FAX 072-729-4153

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Short Use Daycare Asobi~

Short Use Daycare "Asobi~" is a service in which your child can temporarily enter daycare for a short amount of time. The service costs 700 yen per hour, but there may be discounts available for longer use.

  • Asobi~
    TEL 072-722-0555
  • Childcare Support Division
    TEL 072-724-6738  FAX 072-721-9907

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Minoh Family Support Center

The family support system works with mutual cooperation from people who support child raising and people who need support. Members help each other by providing childcare and taking children to and from daycare centers or kindergarten. Babies over 57 days to 6th grade elementary school children can be supported. The fee is from 700 yen per hour. You need to become a member if you would like support from this system. Please contact Minoh Family Support Center for details. 

  • Minoh Family Support Center
    In the Minoh Senior Citizens' Employment Center
    TEL / FAX 072-721-2611

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Kindergarten (for children aged 4 to 5 years)

Childcare hours

About public kindergartens

9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays)

9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (Wednesdays)

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

There are also long vacations in spring, summer and winter. Please ask for details at the kindergarten.

 For private kindergartens, please ask them directly.


Public kindergartens charge less than 10,000 yen per month. If you have difficulty paying the fees, please contact the Early Childhood Education Division. 


You can get the application forms for public kindergartens at the Early Childhood Education and Daycare Center Section or at each kindergarten.  If you would like your child to attend a kindergarten from the beginning of the school year in April, please apply in October of the previous year. 

Private kindergartens

For childcare hours and fees of private kindergartens, please ask each kindergarten directly. If your child will enter a private kindergarten, there is a subsidy for this, so please ask the Early Childhood Education and Daycare Center Section.

  • Early Childhood Education and Daycare Center Section (Desk for Early Childhood)
    TEL 072-724-6791  FAX 072-721-9907
  • Public Kindergartens




Kayano Kindergarten

2-7-16 Kayano

TEL 072-722-7790

FAX 072-724-4034

Seinan Kindergarten

3-2-3 Segawa

TEL 072-723-8101

FAX 072-724-9692

Naka Kindergarten

5-10-23 Minoh

TEL 072-722-8503

FAX 072-724-9691

Toyokawaminami Kindergarten

4-27-43 Onoharahigashi

TEL 072-727-2577

FAX 072-727-2363


  •  Private Kindergartens




Wakaba Kindergarten

2-7-2 Sakurai

TEL 072-721-2431
FAX 072-721-0348

Minoh Gakuen Affiliated Kindergarten

7-7-31 Minoh

TEL 072-723-6566
FAX 027-724-2132

Minoh Sakuragaoka Kindergarten

2-8-16 Sakuragaoka

TEL 072-723-2500
FAX 072-721-9200

Ao Kindergarten

5-30-19 Aomadani Higashi

TEL 072-729-4192
FAX 072-729-1543

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  Early Childhood Education and Care Centers

Early Childhood Education and Care Centers are institutions which you can use as a Daycare Center or as a Kindergarten.

For Early Childhood Education and Care Centers, please contact them directly.

  • Early Childhood Education and Care Centers




Misuzu Gakuen, Shinmachi Child Center

1-23-11 Shinmachinaka

TEL 072-743-9001

FAX 072-743-9002

Early Childhood Education and Care Center

Makiochi Kindergarten

2-12-41 Makiochi

TEL 072-722-2855

FAX 734-6686

Early Childhood Education and Care Center 

Seibo Hisyouten Gakuin Kindergarten

1-10-11 Nyoidani

TEL 072-722-3933

FAX 072-722-8637

Early Childhood Education and Care Center

Hijiri Higashi Kindergarden 

1-7-1 Aomataninishi

TEL 072-729-1566

FAX 072-729-9925

  •  Early Childhood Education and Daycare Center Section (Desk for Early Childhood)
    TEL 072-724-6791 FAX 072-721-9907

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Elementary and Junior High School (for children aged 6 to 15 years)

Under the Japanese education system, the school year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year.

Compulsory education is six years at an elementary school and three years at a junior high school.

School Fees

In Japan, public elementary and junior high schools are free, including the provision of textbooks. There are charges for extras such as school trips, school lunches, and other learning materials.
If you are having financial difficulty, you may be able to receive school expense subsidies.

  • School Affairs Division
    TEL 072-724-6760   FAX 072-724-6010

Japanese Language Assistance

Children who cannot speak Japanese can receive Japanese language assistance for a set term. If parents need to talk with teachers such as for home visiting or meeting, it is possible to use an interpreter.

  • Human Rights Division (Human Rights Education Group)
    TEL 072-724-6921  FAX 072-724-6010

Entering School

Please apply at the School Administration Division when you want to enroll your children at a Minoh City public elementary or junior high school.

  • School Affairs Division
    TEL 072-724-6760  FAX 072-724-6010

After School Care Program

There is an after school care program for those parents who are unable to supervise their children after school hours due to work commitments, etc.

This is intended for 1st to 6th year students at elementary schools.

  • School Affairs Division
    TEL 072-724-6736  FAX 072-724-6010

Continuing Education

After graduating junior high school, there are a number of options open to those wishing to continue their education, including high school and special training schools. There are also junior colleges (2 years), universities (4 years), and technical colleges for high school graduates.

Fees are required for these schools. Please inquire about entrance exams and student allowances etc. to the school where you or your child are studying.

Educational Advice

There are counseling services for children's education at the Education Center.

  • Education Center
    TEL 072-727-5112  FAX 072-727-4089

Child, Youth and Family Consulting

The Gender Cooperation and Family Support Division provides consulting on the following things

  1. Consulting or notification of child abuse
  2. Counseling on child raising
  •  Gender Cooperation and Family Support Section
     TEL 072-724-6233  FAX 072-725-8360

About Young People

Consulting on children and youth

  • Youth Guidance Center
    TEL 072-721-1900  FAX 072-724-4036
    Open: 8:45 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.
    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and around new year days. 

International Schools

Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin (Senri International School of Kwansei Gakuin) is located in Minoh City. For more information on other international schools in the Kansai area, please contact your Embassy or Cultural and International Affairs Division. 

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