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Special Cash Payments

As part of the Emergency Economic Measures that were approved by the Japanese Cabinet on 20 April 2020, Special Cash Payments will be made in order to provide a simple scheme that can quickly and accurately support households while continuing to prevent infection. Those who are registered with the Basic Resident Register as of 27 April 2020 are eligible, including foreign residents. \100,000 will be paid per person, to the head of each household.

The Department of Internal Affairs and Communications has provided an outline of the Special Cash Payments in multiple languages. Please click your desired language.

English ( External link )
Chinese (Simplified)( External link )
Chinese (Traditional)( External link )
Korean ( External link )
Vietnamese ( External link )
Filipino ( External link )
Portuguese ( External link )
Spanish ( External link )
Indonesian ( External link )
Thai ( External link )
Nepali ( External link )
Japanese ( External link )

For more details, please see the Department of Internal Affairs and Communications website. (Japanese only)

For Spanish/Para Español

Ahora también puedes consultar en Español la forma de llenado para la Solicitud del Formulario del Beneficio Especial en EfectivoInformación en Español.

Application and Payment Period

Postal Application

Application forms were posted on Friday 22 May.

They will arrive between Monday 25 May and Sunday 30 May.

Payments are expected to be made within 1 month after application.

Applications can be made until Monday 31 August (must be received by the post office by this date).

envelope The application form will arrive in this envelope.









documents Inside the envelope is the application form and a return envelope.









  • Application forms have been sent to all heads of household (those who will receive the payments on behalf of the household), including those who have already applied online. If you have applied online, you do not need to apply by post. However, please keep your postal application until you have received payment just in case there is an issue.
  • Follow the guide to filling in the application form, and attach the necessary documents on the back side of the application form. You must send in the application form using the return envelope.
  • In order to prevent crowding and spread of the coronavirus, applications are not being accepted in person at the City Office.

 Online Application

Since 1 May, those who have a My Number Card* are able to apply online.

Payments are expected to start from Wednesday 27 May.

Applications can be made until Monday 31 August

Application and payment period may change depending on work progress

*Please note that the My Number Card is a hard plastic card, and is different to the My Number Notification Card, which is a paper card.

In order to prevent crowding and spread of the coronavirus, applications and inquiries about the special cash payments are not being accepted in person at the City Office. If you have a question about the special cash payments, please contact the call center below.

Guide to Filling in the Application Form

As the application form is only available in Japanese, it may be difficult for some people to fill it in.

Please see here for an English guide on how to fill in the Minoh City Special Cash Payment Application Form.(PDF:1,672KB)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication has created a general guide for filling in the form, in multiple languages. It does not match the Minoh City version of the application form exactly, but it may be helpful to refer to.

Chinese (Simplified)(ZIP:386KB)

Chinese (Traditional) (ZIP:489KB)









Minoh City Special Cash Payments Call Center

TEL: 072-724-6781 (Japanese only)

Hours: weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

There are currently many calls, so it may be difficult to connect to the call center. If you cannot connect after waiting, please call again later.

If you are unsure about how to fill in the application form, please contact below.

  • Minoh Association For Global Awareness
    TEL: 072-727-6912 (Japanese/English)
    Email: soudan@mafga.or.jp
    Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (closed Mondays)
    Languages available: English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese

Those who are in Minoh City to escape domestic abuse

If you have not transferred your residence certificate to Minoh City

The following measures are in place for those who are escaping from domestic abuse and were unable to transfer their residence certificate to Minoh City before 27 April 2020.

  1. Even if they are not the head of the household, they can receive the special cash payment (including the payments for those living with them) by submitting a declaration to Minoh City.
  2. Even if the head of household applies, the head of household will not be able to receive the special cash payment for the person who submitted the declaration or those living with them.

For further details and information on how to apply, please refer to the documents below. (Japanese only)

【Information】Support available for those escaping domestic abuse(PDF:989KB)

【Information】Frequently asked questions regarding those escaping domestic abuse(PDF:1,142KB)

【Form】Special cash payments declaration form of escaping domestic abuse (excel:23KB)

If applying after the declaration period (24 April - 30 April 2020), please contact the division below as soon as possible.

  • Family Registry and Change of Address Division
    TEL 072-724-6725
    FAX 072-724-6725

Be careful of scams!

City Office staff will never do any the following.

・Ask you to use an ATM

・Ask you to pay handling fees in order to receive payment

・Send you an email and ask you to click a link/URL to apply

If your home or workplace has received a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be working at City Office, please contact the City Office or the police.

  • City Office
    TEL 072-723-2121
  • Minoh Police Station
    TEL 072-724-1234


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